Paradise Found Farm -Texas
Registered Nubian Goats - Near San Antonio
by Elizabeth James
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Welcome to Paradise Found Farm - Texas,
Nubian Goats, Dogs, Cats, and Horses.

We are committed to protecting the
environment and caring for all God's
critters, large and small, as best we can.

Our farm was started because we wanted to
live in the country and produce what we can

I fell in love with Nubian goats when I was
asked to house sit for a friend and that
included milking the goats she kept for her
baby's milk.  I knew that I couldn't live
without a Nubian goat from then on.  We
use the goat's milk to raise the pigs, feed
ourselves, thrill the cats and fatten the dogs.  
I have learned to make goat's milk cheese
that I feed to all my friends and season with
herbs from our garden.

We raise Nubian goats.  We have horses,
cows, dogs, cats and rabbits in addition to
our Nubian goats.  We have rescued or
adopted most of our pets including
Tango, Whisper . . .
My Info:
Elizabeth James
We currently have a huge selection of
milking, young, and pregnant Nubian does
for sale.  Due to health reasons, we will be
liquidating most of our herd.  Contact me
for information.
 The does can be seen by
following this link
Come see our chickens!  Click here
Fire is for SOLD.  Please see Bucks
Page for information on all of our bucks.
Under the Sea (SOLD)
Feathers on Canvas
September 2011
Elizabeth James
As The Storms Roll In
Feathers on Canvas
September 2011
Elizabeth James
The half white wyondotte half brown leghorn chick is mine but the eggs
are for sale.  We have them in gold and red as well as the deep blue
shown here.  All eggs are hand painted with non toxic paints.
NEW!!!  We now have hand painted eggs.  To
see our collection of hand painted, American
made, natural, non toxic eggs,
click here.